Academician Chen Zhongyu, chairman of Shenzhen stomatology Association, formed a research group to visit the member company Shenzhen xindiantong Technology Co., Ltd. accompanied by Wu Jianhui, general manager of xindiantong and Zhang Wei, sales director, to visit and investigate. Xindiantong organized senior engineers of the company and key personnel of the marketing department to conduct in-depth discussion and Study on oral knowledge. In the course of the meeting, President Chen deeply understood the main product design concept, working thought and enterprise vision of jiexindiantong, and put forward suggestions on the core idea of enterprise development.

During the meeting, President Chen mentioned that both the association and the enterprise should learn from each other and communicate with each other to bring new impetus to the development of China's oral industry. He hoped that xindiantong could keep pace with the development of the oral industry, grasp the development opportunity of the industry and become a model private enterprise. Xindiantong takes the opportunity of President Chen's inspection and guidance to accelerate the research and development progress of many oral products, improve the functions of fist products and enrich the categories of oral products, so that the seeds of promoting the development of China's oral industry are deeply embedded in the hearts of every xindiantong person.

Finally, President Chen stressed that xindiantong must give full play to the R & D and organizational advantages of national high-tech enterprises, combine with the company's business development, be realistic and pragmatic, develop and innovate, closely unite and gather the company's employees, provide better and higher quality products for the development of China's oral industry, and make xindiantong's crystal brand become a famous and excellent brand in the oral industry, so as to achieve The goal of good product, bigger company and long-term development.