The latest earth lamp quran player

The latest earth lamp quran player(SQ172),independently developed by our company this year for muslim. Its unique appearance is reduced in proportion to the earth. When the light is adjusted to a blue ocean, you will feel that it is a real earth.You can see mountains, glaciers, forests and oceans on product.

This product still supports the world’s major Muslim national languages and many famous reciters.

It is not only a Quran learning machine, but also an exquisite night light that supports multiple color changes and is controlled by our self-developed APP.

The appearance model of our product comes from the hand-painted board of professional artist, which vividly shows the topography of the earth.

The product supports touch to change the color, and can be recharged via the USB connector.

This is the size and details of our product.

The product supports remote control and APP control.

Connect to the APP while our speaker is playing the Quran.

You can use it whenever you need it, or you can give it as a gift to friends or family.

Our product comes with a stand, a charging cable and wood chips to protect the product.

How to obtain the latest earth lamp quran player, send an email to our salesman through the contact information at the bottom of the official website, you will get more detailed and transportation information.