Participated in the first exhibition held by Alibaba

Participated in the first exhibition held by Alibaba on March 11th, with sales managers Single Zhang, Cora Zhou,Sophia Liu,and Nancy Chen.

We brought our recent hot sale Quran players(SQ168 QB512 SQ122 QB303 QB526 SQ511 SQ805 SQ600)and some background posters.


There are nearly a hundred exhibitors in this exhibition. There are various products, including computers, earphones, Bluetooth glasses, smart bracelets (we will also launch our smart bracelet series in the near future) and other technology products, as well as cosmetics and furniture. Supplies and other daily necessities.

The number of exhibitors in this exhibition is about 5,000, and each booth is full of businessmen who are full of enthusiasm and desire to purchase.

Through this exhibition, we have recognized many businessmen who are interested in our Muslim products. At the same time, we have also promoted Muslim culture and our products to more Chinese businessmen and purchases. Some customers bought some samples on the spot.

Finally, we also participated in the manufacturer forum held by Ali. The current online marketing channel is a major trend. In the future, more overseas traders will join global online transactions and do business with reliable Chinese manufacturing.