Muslim worship aid Azan Clock MP300

Muslim worship aid Azan Clock MP300,a practical azan clock prayer counter, a good Muslim worship partner.

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It provides great convenience for Muslims' daily worship, including reminding the time of worship and recording the number.

Just one month after the new product was launched, it received very great market feedback.

The product is mainly composed of gold and black, which embodies the holy noble elegance of Islam.

The current time is displayed in the upper right corner of the product while the lower left corner shows the next time of worship.

On the back is pure black with a label and a sounding speaker.At the top are 5 buttons.

Usually the product is off and the clock will light up when there is a sound.Sound sensing function.

After connecting to the mobile app, you can set the Azan time with only one click.The system will automatically recognize your local latitude and longitude to adjust the Azan time.

Of course you can also adjust it manually.Including Fajr Shurq Dhuhr Asr Maghrib Isha'a.

When they are equal, the product will sound to indicate that it is going to worship.

When it reminds you that you should go to worship, you can put down the things in your hand, pick up this Azan clock and place it on the prayer blanket.You can be accompanied by the Quran with the sound of the product.

If you pray twice, the number of times displayed will increase by one.The product accumulatively 33 times will become a big 1.

The product will automatically turn off when no one uses it for a long time.