Equantu latest product------Quran Speaker Mobile TV.

Introduction: A Koran Bluetooth audio that can be used to place mobile phones

One of Equantu’s Quran speakers is unique in that we have our own exclusive APP.

Our APP supports Android and IOS

Our Koran player App supports 18 reciters and language translation in 14 countries

When using a mobile phone, do you have to hold the mobile phone at all times to be more comfortable to see the text being played.

But holding the phone for a long time will make your arm sore. And if you put your mobile phone on the desk, keep your head down and look at it. It's also not good for the neck.

So we developed this product.

This way the phone can be set up free your hands.

Product appearance introduction

It is a Bluetooth speaker, but it looks like an retro TV.

With handle, easy to carry

Product size: 185mm*88*123mm

Product material: ABS

Button introduction

It has Power button, USB charging port, USB device interface and TF card slot.

Packaging introduction

Color packing box*1



USB charging cable*1

Did you find one thing?

Did you feel a little surprised because you didn't see the remote control?

This product, our original intention is to make the mobile APP can be used better. Make the connection between the product and our Equantu Quran Speaker App deeper. So we don't have a remote control for this product.

You can scan our QR code through the browser and download our APP to learn about the functions of our APP

Whats more, reveal a little secret

It is also a great choice to use it to watch movies.

Do you want to know why?

Contact our customer service for more information about Equantu latest product------Quran Speaker Mobile TV.