Detailed steps for connecting the product to APP and Bluetooth

Because many customers have feedback that they don't know how to use the product to connect our APP and mobile Bluetooth, or confuse them. We made specific operations from starting the product to connecting and switching on Toutube.Click here to watch the video.

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Hope this video can help you solve your confusion.

Detailed steps for connecting the product to APP and Bluetooth

1.Open the app

2.Click the bluetooth mode in set bar

3.Allow Bluetooth connection

4.Choose the device you will connect

5.Just these four simple steps to successfully connect our device.

 Notice:We are currently connected to our product through the Bluetooth of our APP, the sound of mobile phone applications other than the APP cannot be played. like this

If you want to use this device to play music or sounds in your own mobile applications.Do the following steps.

1.Click BT to switch to Bluetooth mode(This is just turning on Bluetooth mode and not connecting) 2.Open the phone's system settings and find Bluetooth3.Choose the device and connect4.After the connection is successful, the music will be emitted from the Bluetooth speaker.5.If you want to listen to the Quran again, just press the BT key again

Just need do this steps.So convenient and easy.

If you want to learn more about the functions and operations of our APP, please click here